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10 May 1986
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It’s nothing personal. But my little sister surfs the internet, and I want to feel like I can post freely without worrying that every little detail about my life is going to get back to my parents. If you send me a comment, and I can be relatively certain that you are not a member of my family, then you’ll be golden and I’ll friend you back.

“But Samanthor,” you may find yourself asking. “However can I possibly know that I’m interested in friending your journal if I can’t read it before making a decision?” Well, how about you get to know some essential details about me first? Will that help you out?

Hi. My name is Sam. I am twenty-six years old, and a master's student at the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. I used to work on cruise ships and traditionally-rigged sailing vessels, but you've kind of missed out that boat (rimshot!). My dream is to become a staff writer (and eventually showrunner) of situation comedies. I love fantasy novels, postcolonial literature, and sci-fi television. I'm trying to break into roller derby--I'm in classes now with a goal to make it onto a team into December. I answer to “Sam,” “Moo,” “Samanthor,” "Sammy," and “Hey, You!,” but definitely NOT “Samantha.” I tend to write long, rambling posts about my day, complete with to-do lists and analyses of my life.

If asked to define myself, it’s pretty likely that I’d say, in no particular order, that I am a(n):
--Hilariously Funny Seventh-Generation Texan--
--Outward Bounder--
--Lazy Smart Kid--
--Fledgling stand-up comedian--
--Future showrunner of the Reimagined Animorphs TV series--
--Someone who would ABSOLUTELY live through a Zombiepocalypse--
--Eternally Optimistic Taurus--
--Just a Paper Salesman--
--All-Time Bull-shitting Champion--
--Undiscovered X-Man (my mutant power is an AMAZING sense of direction...I expect a call from Xavier’s School any day now)--
--Unconscious Destroyer (One of my peculiar habits is that if I have something in my hands while I’m concentrating on something else, there is a 99% chance that I’ll look down after about ten minutes and realize that I have torn/broken it into about a thousand tiny pieces)--
--Budding Scholar of Transformation Myths/Stories--
--B.A. in Outdoor Leadership and Honors English with a Concentration in Creative Writing--
--Ex-Wilderness First Responder--
--Someone who corrects herself every time she uses "only" as a misplaced modifier--
--Sailor/Sailing Instructor--
--Rabid Hater of Microsoft Word’s “AutoFormat” Functions--
--Seven-Year Old Boy, at Heart—
--Homeless Shelter Volunteer--
--Big Fan of Hyperbole (no, really. It’s the GREATEST THING EVER)--
--Top-Of-My-Lungs-In-The-Car Singer --
--Camp Texlake Lifer--
--Word and Grammar Geek--
--Half-Hearted Athlete (Crew, basketball, flag football/ref, running...but none of them very seriously)--
--Minesweeper Champion (no, really. I am freakin’ amazing)--
--INTP (Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceptive) Dog Person--
--Agnostic/Founder of the Church of the Irony Gods/Disypel ov teh Church ov Momoism--
--Honda Element Driver--
--“The Kind of Girl Who Has a Poster of Salman Rushdie in Her Bedroom” (a quote about me that ran in a local newspaper article when I was in high school)--

So there you go. That’s who I am. Still interested? Comment in my public post or drop me a line at wordplaysam@gmail.com. It’s all gravy, baby.

If you're looking for my fanfic, you're still more than welcome to friend me here, but you can actually find all of my writing at word_play_sam, which is my creative endeavors journal. Ditto for the_inhuman if you're looking for that.

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