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Personal Eclipse Highlights

Okay, personal Eclipse highlights. I also heartily suggest hobbit_eyes' post because we hung out together a lot and so some of what she wrote applies to me and vice-versa.

--When I arrived at Northampton, I tried calling my new roommate hobbit_eyes. Unfortunately, her cell phone wouldn't pick up when I called. I went to the hotel and tried to get my registration but there was a mixup with my Sendhil photoshoot ticket and I needed to find a computer to sort it out and maybe get in contact with hobbit_eyes. I frantically ran around Northampton with a giant backpack on my back trying to find a public computer. The only one was, apparently, in a Muslim community center. Awesome. It felt a little bit awkward using their computers, even if they were super-sweet about it. The Sendhil thing got resolved (even if the con people thought that I was a complete idiot), but still no hobbit_eyes. Which leads in to...

--The Fish. While I was trying to find the computer, I walked past a pub that had a sign in the window that said "Rooms 20 pounds!" After I was chill with Eclipse, I was still panicking because I didn't know if hobbit_eyes had any way of contacting me and we had never met in person and I was getting tired of lugging around all of my belongings...so I booked the room. I may or may not have lied to them and told them that I was backpacking through Europe and Asia because I thought that this sounded cooler than "a Heroes convention". I had been in London and Oxford, and in a few days I was going to Portugal and then India. This is not entirely a lie, after all. I really liked the Fish a lot. It was really run down and everything was broken, but come on. I got off of a bus and randomly found a room to stay in in a pub. How much of the European backpacking dream is that?! I loveloveloved the Fish. I stayed there two nights. However, not long after I booked, I got a text from hobbit_eyes, who didn't have any idea about my phone problem (apparently it was only one way), telling me where her hotel room was. So I walked over there, met her and her sister, and we all became friends. Hooray!

--The opening ceremony was cool. Noah was perky. Cristine was magnificent ("All of you being here just makes me feel so...well. Angela wouldn't care."). Santiago was confused. David was a little groggy. Jessalyn said she was working on the fire thing. And Sendhil was absent (damn you, traffic!). The high school party that night was kind of lame. Most of the people were dressed up as cheerleaders. I was a girl who had just lost her virginity at prom. The band was way too loud and, in the words of hobbit_eyes, "not my favorite Petrelli brother." Which is to say, emo. Although I really wanted in the backup guitarist's pants. He wouldn't catch my eye, though, and I decided that this had nothing to do with the fact that I looked like I was doing the walk of shame and everything to do with the fact that he secretly makes out with the bassist in between sets (that's right. I slashed the emo cover band).

--First day! I got stuff signed by all of the guests except Jessalyn (because of the way that the queue system was set up, not because I was avoiding her). Cristine was sooo nice and friendly, as was David, who greeted me really enthusiastically and shook my hand.

--I had the following conversation with Noah:
Noah: Hi!
Me: Hi, how are you doing?
Noah: Great!
Me: Is your hand getting tired from signing yet?
Noah: No, my hand doesn't really get tired.
Me: Well, that's a good skill to have.

*facepalm* It'll be even more useful when he's fifteen.

--Sendhil and I chatted about central Texas (because that's where we're both from...he even said he'd been to Austin recently for the film festival) while he was signing for me. He was wearing a tight white t-shirt, and I nearly died, y'all. His biceps are...wowowowowowowow. And he is even prettier up close. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, EITHER. I also had a photoshoot with Sendhil. Remember about a week ago when I said that I'd ask him to make my :o! excited face that I make in all of my pictures? Well, it's a little easier to explain when SENDHIL RAMAMURTHY DOESN'T HAVE HIS HAND ON YOU. I believe I spoke complete gibberish and he looked at me like I was totally crazy. THEN the photographer had to retake the picture three times because I kept looking at Sendhil instead of the camera.

Don't judge me. YOU try looking away when he's touching you.

--I ran into Cristine in the bathroom. She was apologizing for the state of her hair because she had bought a bunch of plug converters for her hair dryer and curler and stuff, but no power converter (you need both to operate some American electric devices overseas). Let me assure you, kids. A lack of power converters did not keep Cristine Rose from looking totally magnificent. I mean, really. My adoration of Cristine Rose after this weekend borders on LesYay. Then she tried to go out the door but as she was holding it a bunch of people came in and she greeted them as if she were a door(wo)man. Very "Hello, hello. Welcome to the bathroom. I'm holding the door for you. This is actually what they booked me to do." It was precious.

--Santiago was the only lefty at the convention. I commented on his left handedness, and he just kind of grunted. I got to him after he'd been signing for, like, three hours, though, so maybe he was just tired.

--We went to the talks. Good times. Read my recaps as to what was said at my other journal, word_play_sam.

--Then there was an action. Like I already said, I won framed picture of Chandra and Sylar signed by Erik for ten pounds. Which was, incidentally, less than I would have paid for a picture and signature had Erik been a guest at Eclipse. And it came with a frame. So why the hell not? Then the auction was over. I went back to the Fish to prepare for the Petrelli ball. Nothing exciting happened.


I didn't get to go. So you should go read her journal for information on that. I was crazy mad jealous, but I do have to give her props for trying to convince the guy that I should be able to go along, too. I mean, we'd known each other in person all of 24 hours, and she practically begged the convention bouncer to let me come. It was very sweet (ILU, hobbit_eyes), but it was in vain. :*(

--Petrelli ball was cooler than the High School party, especially because Cristine Rose opened it as Angela. The guests were there and I didn't actually talk to Sendhil but I enjoyed standing mere feet from him. David came over to talk to hobbit_eyes some more and he bumped right into me and we shared a glance. That came out ridiculously more faux-romantic than I meant it to be. What I mean is that it was just really cool how close I was to freakin' Tazeko Kensei. Also, hobbit_eyes and I chatted with Cristine. hobbit_eyes apologized for not talking much to Cristine, as she was too preoccupied with talking to Sendhil and David. Cristine and I discussed how difficult hobbit_eyes' life is.

But then there was a Michael Jackson impersonator and that was lame and we left. I came back later, though, and flirted with a cute guy from Berlin, but we unfortunately did not make out (I'm still working on that New Year's Resolution, y'all). During the evening I had an "HRG" (Bicardi, orange juice, and something else) and a "Petrelli Punch" (cranberry juice, vodka, peach schnapps). There was some weird British line dancing (SRSLY) going on and I took the chance to mock it before I left.

--Day three. Talks and signings in the morning. I got Jessalyn's autograph and she was immensely sweet. I purchased and additional autograph from Sendhil and got him to sign my photoshoot and an extra picture for one of my friends. I went when there was no one at his table, and so I got to stay a little long and stare at him (glasses AFJGHGIUPHEPIGUHINPFUZJK!!!!!!). Unfortunately I didn't have his full attention as his wife called while I was there. He had a nice phone. He hung up and we resumed chatting. I asked if he could make a reference to the list on my picture and he thought for a moment and then wrote. We agreed, though, that since my friend hadn't paid to come, he wasn't going to put that on hers. All she got was a "Best, Sendhil."

--While we had some dead time, hobbit_eyes and I sat against the wall chatting about how much we now loved David Anders (and how we've always loved Grunny) and maybe we should watch Alias, but IF ONLY we had someone to tell us what the good David-centric episodes were. Then we were approached by evil15smiles, an American who I had met on the bus from London on Friday, and who I had been friendly with over the weekend. She joined our group. hobbit_eyes taught us how to make the pound sign. Then, evil15smiles made an incredibly specific Alias reference.
Us: Wait...you wouldn't happen to know anything about Alias, would you?


While evil15smiles made us an Alias cheat sheet, hobbit_eyes and I tried to wish other things into existance. Our favorite was "IF ONLY Sendhil were thirsty and wanted to take us out to coffee" (this eventually turned into "IF ONLY Sendhil were naked and thirsty and wanted to take us out to coffee. We imagined him covered by nothing but a discreetly-placed coffee cup. Venti, of course.)

Sadly, this did not happen. But we remained friends with evil15smiles, who was very cool.

--Closing ceremony. Read the recap.

--The last party was all right. It didn't have a theme, just tables. The three of us headed off into the corner to be fangirls. I wrote down all of our crack, but I don't know if it'd make sense to anyone else. But here's an attempt to share:

There was a camera directly above and in front of us that had a red light. We decided that this was Bob watching us. We called it "ceiling Bob" and everytime we looked up we dissolved into giggles. There was soft porn music playing in the lobby. This can be blamed for everything that follows.

While we're on the subject of red lights, since we now associate them with Bob, I proposed that an episode of Sylinder include a subplot in which Bob accidentally tags along on one of Mohinder and Sylar's time travel adventures and invents the Red Light District. Do you agree? You should spam hobbit_eyes telling her this.

Annnywho, we decided that our new favorite ship is Nathan/Adam. Because Nathan punishing Adam for messing with his baby brother is hot. And because the Nathan/Adam power dynamic would be hot. And because Peter would NEVER be able to resist anything they said.

Speaking of, we had a running joke about Peter and Adam involving a meat grinder that I really think needs to wait until hobbit_eyes makes a macro series out of it.

We started talking about the Heroes as pirates (I don't know why). Bob would be the captain, Mohinder the seductive but badass captain's daughter, Sylar the swarthy cabin boy, Nathan the rich captain in a brocade coat, Peter the enthusiastic and dumb-as-rocks first mate, Adam as Nathan's cabin boy, and so on. This very, very quickly became the Heroes cast as the Pirates of the Caribbean.
Bob is Jack Sparrow, Mohinder is Elizabeth, Peter is Will, Nathan is Norrington, HRG is Barbossa, Mr. Muggles is the monkey, Adam is Norrington's lackey, Matt is Mr. Gibbs, Hiro and Ando are the two pirates who work for Jack, Niki is Anamaria (at first it was Elle, and then I said, "...but Bob is Jack." And we spent the next five minutes going EWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEW). Everyone wants in Mohinder's pants, basically. For some unknown reason, we decided that Lyle is Davy Jones. Then we decided that Isaac is Tia Dalma. And then we realized that that meant Lyle/Isaac. Which instead of squicking us out, made us giggle a lot. We had a running joke about Isaac being hooked on saying "Shut up, Lyle" instead of heroin (and needing it to be able to paint). ...I can't explain it over the internet because it involved lots of flailing.

There was some stuff about Hiro/Kensei, Bob/Angela with Mohinder as their overly tan child, and Chandra and Bob being coffee buddies, but maybe I'll let hobbit_eyes take those. I will, however, say that if Peter is the little black dress of Heroes and Mohinder is the sexy red dress, then Kaito is the lacy bra. You don't talk about it, and you never show it to people, but you always have it on.

And that was my convention! The swag I came away with:
Signed pictures from the cast
A framed Chylar picture
Some additional unsigned pictures (they were giving them away for free)
A bunch of Vote Petrelli buttons, a Vote Petrelli mug, a Vote Petrelli bumper sticker
A Heroes t-shirt
A set of Heroes trading cards
A set of Heroes coasters (Matt, Mohinder, Nathan, Hiro) for the mansion

And now a video of me and hobbit_eyes in the timeline room.

I'm Mohinder in the red coat. hobbit_eyes is Sylathan in black. We improved the whole thing. I don't know why we made the American Mohinder and the Brit Nathan. Obviously a poor choice.


The timeline room.

The floorpocalypse

We all got Noah Bennet drivers licenses in our registration packets. Thought you might like to see how accurate they were (my personal information blurred out). Mine is a little bit cooler because "CM" means I can drive cars and motorcycles. Although we both are legally required to wear glasses. And

The Fish

The Fish inside.

No other way to vote.

"Sam--You are ABSOLUTELY on The List. Sendhil."
ILU, Sendhil.



I have more pictures (including some closeups of things in the timeline room, which were really cool), but I totally need to get my act together for Portugal. I'm seriously leaving in, like, an hour. So maybe I'll post the rest when I get back, plus my vacation pictures with the boys. Y'all have a good week!



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Mar. 18th, 2008 01:22 am (UTC)
(that's right. I slashed the emo cover band).


Also, BAD GIRL w/noah. ^__^

SENDHIL@#%(*(@#*%(*#%*(%*(%*(* (
Mar. 18th, 2008 02:58 am (UTC)
Then we were approached by evil15smiles.... She joined our group.

I totally read this ala RPG and was filled with LOL. "david_anders used bump-and-smile! [Bad username: sendhil_ramamurthy] used spectacles! kleenexcow is distracted! hobbit_eyes has levelled up! evil15smiles has joined your party!"

(Deleted comment)
Mar. 18th, 2008 05:13 am (UTC)
It is I, the spooky red-headed Alias leprechaun!!
Love the timeline room vid!
Mar. 18th, 2008 12:23 pm (UTC)
I DID see you guys here and there! Oh my, the timeline room cracked me up. I have a bunch of pics of me basically recreating future!Mohinder scenes in that room, so it's nice to see that it didn't only induce FANGIRL in me :D

Your pic with Sendhil is better than mine. *sniff*

Also... I'm not sure what's happening, but enjoy this trip to Portugal! I LOVED it when I went :D
Mar. 19th, 2008 03:54 pm (UTC)
Noah: No, my hand doesn't really get tired.
Me: Well, that's a good skill to have.

*facepalm* It'll be even more useful when he's fifteen.

I *laughed* and then I *cried*
Mar. 20th, 2008 04:11 pm (UTC)
Heh, that is some good crack. XD And I love your scene re-enactment, LOL.

Apologies for my earlier comment, it seems I got things a little confused. I guess what Carmen said was that her roommate (Lyndsey) met you on the bus to Northampton.
Mar. 20th, 2008 08:58 pm (UTC)
No, you actually had it right the first time; I met them both on the bus. Were you in the group of people with Carmen who approached us while we were sitting on the couch in the lobby during the last party? She had a whole group of LJ friends with her. You were actually one of the LJ friends that I was kind of bummed that I didn't make arrangements beforehand to meet. Why didn't we do that? We should have.
And you can totally mem the post. I wrote it for everyone's enjoyment. :)
Mar. 20th, 2008 09:29 pm (UTC)
Yes, I was! Hee. I was the killjoy telling everyone to get a move on because I had yet to pack, ha. I hope that didn't come off as rude to you guys.

And it's funny you should mention that, because as I was mentally listing all the LJ friends I wanted to see, I recalled your comments on heroes_eclipse and kicked myself for not making arrangements. None of my other friends see the Matt/Mohinder, dammit! (The losers! lol)

Anyway, I guess this is as good a time as any to ask: LJ friends, y/n? ^^
Mar. 20th, 2008 11:53 pm (UTC)
No, no. You didn't offend at all. We were in the middle of talking about Sendhil naked, so I was just waiting for people to go away so that we could fangirl without feeling weird in front of strangers. Yeah...I knew you were also a MattMo, and we had our Sendhil chant together (which is totally what brought him, you know). And we use similar icons. We would totally have been real life BFF. Maybe some other time, I suppose.

Of course! I'm adding you now.
Mar. 21st, 2008 03:22 pm (UTC)
Hee. Any chance you'd go to Eclipse 2? XD
Mar. 23rd, 2008 03:17 pm (UTC)
Unfortunately, no. :( My visa's going to expire soon so I have to move back to the States in May, and I can't see myself buying a ticket back to England for the weekend. But...I'm not ruling out Eclipse 3 or 4 as a possibility. Who knows when I may move back to England?
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